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It was so much fun photographing this beautiful set of twin newborns at the studio for their newborn session.  They were both so sweet, and slept so well for me at one week old.

01 san diego newborn twin photographer02 san diego newborn twin photography03 san diego newborn twin photography studio04 san diego newborn twin photographer

I’ve been photographing these two since they were brand new, and documenting their first year!  It was so great to see them again for today’s one year twin cake smash and portrait session.  Will be sharing more soon, but just one for now!  TOO CUTE!

sacramento twin cake smash photography

It’s been so fun to watch these two grow from sweet little newborns to now.  They are nine months, and so adorable.  We had a great outdoor session…. so much fun!

sacramento twin photographer

These two little darlings came into the studio at six weeks old, and they did a GREAT job during their session!  It was a pleasure capturing these images for the family.  Congratulations!

01 newborn twin girl photography sacramento02 newborn twin girl photography sacramento03 newborn twin girl photography sacramento

Little Hunter and Makena were SUCH good sleepers for me during this session.  They slept for several hours straight, and I got a great selection of shots for mom and dad!  Sneak peek for now, more coming soon.  Congratulations to this new family of four!

sacramento twins newborn baby photography studio

Twin photo sessions are always very challenging, but I still love them!  I always have to work a little harder, and sometimes rock out my photoshop (swapping heads so that I get eye contact at the same time… yes, I do that sometimes).  These little darlings did a great job!  I photographed maternity shots for mom and dad, and it was so great to finally meet their sweet little years at their one year mark.  Happy Birthday girls!

1 sacramento twin photographer2 sacramento twin one year old photographera sacramento twin photographer

Loved working with this beautiful new family of four. I shot mom and dad’s maternity session several months back. They came in at six weeks old for their session, and they both did a great job!

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