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If you’re considering newborn portraits, please take a peek inside our Carlsbad studio! This video shows behind the scenes and talks about the experience of working with Stacey for your portrait session.

San Diego Newborn Photography - a sneak peek into the studio!

San Diego Newborn Photography – a sneak peek into the studio!

I have to say that the 6-7 month range is one of my favorites for photographing babies (other than newborns of course!).  They are usually sitting by this timeframe, and they are so cute and smiley.  And they cannot escape the camera quite yet.  More images from Oliver’s session coming soon.

Did you also know that I have wardrobe in the studio available for my clients to use for babies up to one year old? I have items for the 6-9 month and the 12 month range for both boys and girls. Most items that I select match with sets/backdrops that I have in the studio. I’ve been slowly working on my collection. Items are either handmade, or brands such as Gap, Ralph Lauren, Janie & Jack, etc. Oliver is wearing a 6-9 month Ralph Lauren outfit (I have the cute hat too)!

Our beautiful portrait studio is located in Carlsbad, CA.

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Sweet little Oliver came into the studio at 7 days old – the perfect age for photos.  They are still so sleepy and curly at that stage.  He did a great job during his newborn session in the studio.  Congratulations to the new family of three!

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Sweet little newborn Jax came in for his studio session at just 8 days old.  Dad is a hunter, so we had to bring in some of the outdoors!  Adorable!

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I have been in the studio for a little over a year, and it has been such a great move for my business. After having done only in-home sessions for years, it was time to go brick and mortar. It was a huge and scary leap, but I am SO happy to have a space of my own to welcome my clients to. And it has really paid off. I have been doing some much needed moving and re-organizing over the last week, and I’m still not done. Thanks to my hubby for building my new racks to hold all of the props that I’ve been collecting. It was getting a little crowded, and it was time to go “up” with the storage. Hubby is also helping me create a second light wood backdrop… which I hope to have up by mid-May. Love my little space for maternity and newborns. I hope you’ll come and visit me soon!!

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Sweet little Ogied made us work for these beautiful images, but it was so worth it!  Once he finally fell asleep, we were able to get a ton of great images and variety.  Loved working with this family for their maternity session, and now baby’s pictures at just 9 days old!  Congratulations to the new family of three!

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Look at these cuties! I photographed Natalia when she was just a few months old. And now she has a baby brother, Lucas! Fun in the studio, and outdoors from this weekend.  It was so great to see this family again!

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Darling little Amalia was in the studio a few weeks back for her newborn portraits.  So darling and sweet!

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I’m excited to announce my 2013 Studio Mini Sessions at my studio in Fair Oaks!  I love having the studio after spending so many years working only on location.  I still love doing outdoor portraits also, but it’s nice to have an option for families with very small children, and the chilly winter months.  I am planning three “sets” for the children, all Christmas/holiday themed.  I will have lots of cute props – tutus, petti rompers, hairbows, hats and more, for your little ones to use for their session.  I am offering this to children under four only, no parents or adults.  If you want to have older siblings pop in for an image or two, that will be fine, but the sets will be created with the tiny ones in mind, ages 3 months to 4 years (up to three children).

UPDATED – I have a few additions and changes to these special Studio Mini Sessions. Please bear with me, this is a lot to read.

I was on Facebook a few days ago and in my feed, I saw a photo of a friend with a baby that looked to be in a hospital bed. I was curious, so I clicked on the post. I found a family that has moved me to get involved and help in any way that I can. Little Reagan was just released from the hospital this week. She is just eight months old, and has Spinal Muscular Atrophe (SMA Type 1). She was just diagnosed in July. From her mom on their Facebook page “The light of our life, our beautiful daughter Reagan, is now fighting for her life. SMA is a horrible genetic disease that is typically fatal before the age of two. We love our baby and refuse to let her go without a fight.”. From the moment I read it, I was so touched and really felt a need to help them in any way that I could.

Please become a fan of her page.

Click here to read her full story and to donate –

I have decided that with every Christmas Studio Mini Session that I book, $100.00 will go directly to Reagan’s family to help offset the cost of her care. She is home with her parents, and has a lot of fighting still left to do. I cannot wait to meet her and her family in the next few weeks, and share more about them with you. There are 40 spots available, and if we fill them all, we will be able to give $4000.00 to her family.  Right now, the family is in need of a vehicle large enough to handle Reagan’s specialized car seat, breathing machine, and other equipment necessary for transporting her to appointments.  I hope this will help!

Please contact me to schedule a session, and be sure to join her page!

I will also be offering full 45 minute Holiday Family Sessions on November 3rd, 4th and 5th for families who want full outdoor sessions.  The rate on these is $495.00 and they will come with a one hour shoot in Fair Oaks, and a CD of images (approximately 15 images).  $150.00 from each of these sessions will be donated to Reagan and her family.   I have 14 sessions available, so this is another $2100. that can go to her family if all of the spots are filled.

Sunday November 3rd
9:30am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm
Mon, November 4th & Tues, November 5th
8:30am, 9:30am, 4:00pm
November 30th
9:30am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm

Support for Reagan - SMA Type I

Little Paxton was in the studio at just nine sweet days old… I love how sweet and curly he was!  He slept for his entire session… love it!

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