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Look at these cuties! I photographed Natalia when she was just a few months old. And now she has a baby brother, Lucas! Fun in the studio, and outdoors from this weekend.  It was so great to see this family again!

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I am finally going through last year, to review all of the beautiful clients that I have worked with.  It was a GREAT year, and I’m so thankful!  I moved into my new studio in the Spring, and I’m so happy to have the space to make my clients comfortable and at home.  It has made a huge difference.  I am so happy to have met so many new families last year, as well as welcoming some back for new family members!  This is not all of my sessions, but a nice selection of them.  Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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I wanted to put up a quick post about newborn safety.  There are a lot of new photographers out there, and I always like to fully disclose my procedures when it comes to newborn safety.  When I first started doing newborn photography, I saw images like this and wondered how they did it while keeping baby safe the whole time.  I researched quickly and learned that a lot of what you see is Photoshop.  Over the years I have become an expert and making your newborn photos look beautiful while keeping those babies of yours safe!  In this shot, both mom and dad were supporting baby’s head and keeping his body upright on the ball.  It took three hands, and then quite a bit of editing time to perfect the image.  Just be sure that the photographer that you are choosing is keeping baby safety in mind!

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Sweet little Lucas did a great job during his session. He was a VERY sound sleeper, which helped with some of the composite shots that we did. So tiny, and so sweet! Congratulations to the new family of three! Dad MADE (as in hand crafted) the darling wine barrel rocking horse, and the lit wooden sign that will be in Lucas’s nursery.  I love it when parents bring in their ideas.  So sweet!  Another note – Rocking horse image, Christmas ornament image and football image are all composite images, parent’s hands were on baby the entire time.  Safety first!

01 newborn baby football photography02 newborn baby sacramento studio photography03 newborn baby sacramento studio photography04 newborn baby sacramento studio photography composite image05 newborn baby sacramento studio photography composite image06 newborn baby sacramento studio photography composite image

Loved working with this beautiful couple, and cannot wait to meet their little one in the Spring!

01 sacramento water outdoor maternity photographer02 sacramento water outdoor maternity photographer03 sacramento water outdoor maternity photographer04 sacramento water outdoor maternity photographer

Loved working with this family… little Sophia came in a little later than I typically recommend for newborn pictures. She was four and a half weeks old… I tell clients to try to get in before the two week mark. She was awake for most of her session, but she slept for a little while! Love the awake pictures too. Such a sweetie pie!! Congrats to the new family of three!

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Sweet little guy in the studio just before the holiday!

01 sacramento newborn boy photographer02 sacramento newborn studio photographer03 sacramento newborn studio photographer04 reindeer christmas baby photography05 reindeer christmas baby photography06 family christmas baby photographer