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Beautiful couple expecting their first child, a girl!

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I’m so happy to share this beautiful “sneak peek” image of this sweet pair of boy and girl twins from a session last week.  At six weeks old, the session was a bit harder to get the sleepy snuggled up images, but we did get some beautiful shots!  Can’t wait to share more soon!

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Zach – 7 Weeks

April 23, 2013

Sweet little Zach came into the studio this week for his portrait session.  Seven weeks is beyond the curly sleepy baby stage, but it’s still a great age for photos!  He smiled for us, and we got lots of great shots of him making eye contact with the camera.  Such a cutie with that adorable, full head of hair.  Just one for now!

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Zoey – 7 Days

April 23, 2013

Meet Zoey!  I shot her mom and dad’s engagement, wedding, maternity…. and now I did her first ever professional photo shoot!  She is such a cute tiny little thing!  Loved meeting her.  :)

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I always get so excited to get home and look at shots from my sessions. Tonight was no exception with this beautiful couple. They have a sweet little girl due very soon! Just one sneak peek for now of this gorgeous mama to be.

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Just a few images from Brodric’s newborn session at the studio.  So excited that I was able to use some of my new vintage props in the studio and my new wood backdrop with this little sweetie, who slept so well for us!

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Such a little sweetie!

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Gabriel – 7 Months

April 11, 2013
Had to share from little Gabriel’s session today! He was baptized in his church a few weeks ago and mom wanted to get him in his baptismal outfit before he outgrew it. LOVE this stage… he’s so smiley and cute every time he visits. Can’t wait for the next several months of sessions!

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This lovely couple traveled from out of the area for their maternity session.  Looking forward to working with them when their sweet little boy arrives!

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Julia – 7 Months

April 4, 2013

This little sweetie pie came into the studio yesterday for her seven month session.  Loved her cute little personality, and had a great time using some of my new backdrops and sets!

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